Hello again after a long hiatus.

The 11th month of the year has arrived, it is already ending… I am sure that the day you enter the new year is as fresh as yesterday in the minds of many of you. November, with its arrival, actually started to give signs that the winter season would be quite tough. It is our duty to take these signs and make our preparations. :)

No matter how hard the winter is, the idea of ​​sacrificing fashion and aesthetics is unthinkable, especially for women. We women somehow match that sweater to those pants, that coat to that boot, and maintain our style. :) Especially at a time when fashion programs are so prominent and it is so easy to reach different fashion trends, fashionistas and styles on the internet … That's why, like all of you, I look at many products on social media and find remarkable " stylish " products. and I share with you the sites where these products are presented. I would like to put special emphasis on the aforementioned definition of " stylist ". Because I am one of those who argue that it is very important to distinguish the products that really shine and stand out among this abundance of products and websites. From this point of view, I would like to talk about the rain boots of the brand wahshe design styles , whose products I mentioned before, which were released under the label of wahshe shoes. As you know, these rain boots have recently become one of the products of almost every season. The variety of colors and patterns in these boots, where we can make very stylish and stylish combinations with dresses, opaque socks, shorts, is one of the elements that increase the appeal of the work :)

Who would have thought that fishing boots, which are in our memory with their yellow color, would be so fashionable... However, when combined with the imagination and aesthetic sense of the designers, they take a completely different dimension and sit at the top of the list of choices. Being comfortable and practical is probably the most attractive part of the job. Moreover, it will never go out of fashion, it will remain the most trendy part of your wardrobe throughout the seasons ;)

If you haven't got it yet, definitely get one that is most comfortable. I strongly recommend you to review these rain boots, which are on the market with the WAHSHE label. I've already placed my order...

Happy days…


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We waited a long time, but it was worth it, this time, Summer has come with all its brilliance and the feeling of freshness it creates in the hearts… Of course, everyone has plans for the summer season, which we dreamed about all winter long and represents renewal for me. While some of us dream of a deep blue holiday, some of us are in the rush of their wedding this summer, or being the pioneer of a brand new design...

This summer, Melis Ersöz, one of the founders of Design Studio, took the lead of a brand new design that will mark this summer. These designs, which started to take their place in the shops under the name Design by WAHSHE , have already met with a serious buyer potential, especially with the quality of the fabric and the vividness of the colors. These designs, combined with a print on sleeveless flowy fabric, will be an indispensable savior this summer for both women who want to create a sporty elegance, and those who don't want to compromise on classic elegance. I say stay tuned for these products, which will meet us with very different samples and t-shirt designs in the near future ;) You can see the samples and contact us for your order from the link I will share below...



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Hello to everyone with our fresh article for a brand new year. Every year, as in all of us, this year, the accounting of the year ended and, of course, the list of things to do in the new year formed in my mind. Sometimes these are changes in your inner world, and sometimes they are just what we aim to do in terms of career and education. However, there is one thing in common that they are all positive, as it should always be…

With 2015, I promised to do the things that I missed and longed for in the last year, and I made a solid start with a theater play that I wanted to see for a long time..;)

I had the chance to watch Cibali Police Station, one of the plays of the City Theatre, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, with Zihni Göktay's interpretation. This play, which was originally a French boulevard comedy and was staged in 1904 with the name "Pleasure Night", was staged by the master Muammer Karaca in 1955 as the opening play of the Muammer Karaca Theatre. One of its most distinctive features is that it is a game that has remained on the poster for 16 years. During this period, it was played more than 3000 times, and in this success the role of keeping its freshness with the performances of Muammer Karaca, Nejat Uygur, and lastly Zihni Göktay, who joined the cast at different times, and changes specific to the period in which it was staged, is very important.

This ambitious play of the 2014 – 2015 season of the City Theaters was staged by the director of Nedret Denizhan. The music of the game belongs to Ali Otyam and the costumes belong to Canan Göknil. I think the most ambitious feature of this game is its tight performance that lasts for 3 hours. Especially Zihni Göktay, middle-aged and older generation actors Hülya Arslan, Tarık Şerbetçioğlu, Naci Taşdöğen's performances that keep people in the game and excite them leave a very different taste in the audience.

This year has another meaning for the master Zihni Göktay, who plays a roguish chief commissioner in the play, which is that he is celebrating his 50th year of art. While saluting the 68-year-old master, who has been on the stage since the age of 18, I remember that even at the end of the play, I could not take my eyes off, my heart was beating with excitement and I once again questioned the concept of a real actor. Of course, I can easily say that you will feel similar things in the whole team.

Cibali Police Station; In fact, it also carries a serious satire feature, which includes criticisms about the effect of money on relations, especially the usual male-female relations, and social and political life. The play is interrupted by long applause, which is followed by tirades containing references, satires and observations about today's political, economic, artistic and social trends in many parts. The play, which is quite long compared to many theatrical works, allows you to leave the hall happily without leaving you out of the play with both the elements of the musical play and the tempo. I highly recommend you to see it before the season ends.

For a long time, I started to watch a play and an actor that I wanted to watch on stage... The list is long, there is no limit to wishing... I will continue to share what happened. Of course, we are also open to your experiences and suggestions that are on your to-do list and that you will share, sir.

May the fresh and hopeful mood of the new year be with you throughout the year, goodbye for now..;)


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Colorful cookies, concept cakes and cup cakes that you can't stop to cut and eat... I had the opportunity to see and taste these flavors closely, first with their smell and then with their appearance, and I wanted to share them right away. In one word delicious ☺

This exquisite creation has two beautiful and talented creators, Meltem Batı and Ayşegül Araıcı. Like its taste, its name is Nefiss.. They are as brave as they are talented.. Because I think it is an achievement in itself to be able to stand out among the personalized cakes, cookies, cup cakes and other details designed for special occasions, which have tended to become almost "industrialized" lately. When you look at the products, we come across a wide range of cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Garfield, Hello Kitty, Pepe, SpongeBob , Galata Tower, Make-up products, concept cakes and cookies prepared for corporate meetings .

delicious; He thinks of everything for you for your special days. Just talk about your dreams and leave the rest to them. They touch your life on many special occasions, from birthdays to baby shower parties, from valentine's day and wedding anniversary to tooth wheat. If you want to prepare surprises for your loved ones or to give your guests delicious tastes and unforgettable memories on your special days, you should check out the internet sites.

Have a nice day with you ☺


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A Piece of Moon, A Little Bird.....

You will hear a clear voice first, then you will wonder who it is. Once you looked back, you found yourself listening to Çağıl Kaya . Although he did not choose a familiar style, I am sure that this album will gain the awareness of many of you. What makes him special for me is that I met him from the same school and department, and that I was able to listen to his voice before most of you, which is why I am really happy. When the fullness of his musical background is combined with the positive approach in his view of life, a wonderful work has emerged with the taste of listening to the music.

After receiving a completely different education at the university - he must not have been able to resist the love inside - he entered Dokuz Eylul University Fine Arts Faculty Musicology Department in 2003 and graduated in 2007. Of course, the music dates back to 1998 for him. His adventure, which started in the TRT polyphonic music choir at that time, moved to Istanbul, and after Sibel Köse 's participation in the workshops and Cem Aksel, Neşet Ruacan, İmer Demirer, Alper Yılmaz, Volkan Öktem, Yahya Istanbul jazz festival with names such as Dai, Serkan Özyılmaz, Serhan Erkol, Tamer Temel, Matt Hall, Engin Recepoğulları, Bora Çeliker, Kağan Yıldız, Kürşad Deniz, Burçin Büke, Volkan Hürsever, Deniz Dündar, Kürşat And, Ferit Odman , METU jazz days, He took the stage in numerous festivals and concerts such as Ege University Jazz Days on Campus and Nardis Jazz Club .

Cagil Kaya , who has been performing in different venues with the Happy People group since 2009, continues his pleasant stage work with the project " Something is Missing ", which he created with Alper Yılmaz in 2012. He also gives concerts with Turkey's leading jazz musicians with his own project " Çagil Kaya Band ".

The first album of Cagil Kaya , Bir Piece Moon Little Bird , consists of 9 songs and all the words and compositions are his own, except for the piece named “ Istanbul ”. The lyrics of the song named “ Spring Kaygılı ” are a joint product of Çağıl Kaya and Boran Şentürk . Our beautiful vocals are accompanied by successful musicians such as Kürşad Deniz on the piano, Kağan Yıldız on the double bass, Cem Aksel on the drums, and Serhan Erkol and Tamer Temel on the saxophone. Even the design of the album cover is an indication that they did a different job. Talented designer Kaan Bağcı not only gave the album a soul, but also masterfully brought sound and visuals together with the touches that make the album different.

We will have the chance to listen to the album live at the festival called “ Art on the Street ” organized by İzmir - Konak Municipality on 17 June. Then , on July 4, a concert at Nardis Jazz Club is waiting for us. One Piece Moon, Some Bird , which has been on the shelves with AK Music label, has already been discovered by Turkish Jazz listeners, but I think it will be an enjoyable experience to know and love jazz for music lovers who have not yet discovered it and are not familiar with jazz music.

Editor: Melis Batıbeki ALPARSLAN

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Although the weather conditions do not allow us to enter the summer, the calendars show June like misss. Seasonal transitions are already painful, and on top of that, when we say imbalance in the air, we are faced with the syndrome of being stuck together. But the existence we call women is based on the calendars and the diet season opens...:) If you eat this, which we are used to seeing at the beginning of every summer, it burns fat, you have to drink at least 2 glasses of it a day, a lot of talk like this cure is a cure for all problems, urban legends also this year. it has already started to take its place among the people… In fact, there is a serious awareness on this issue compared to previous years. Expert opinions should be our reference in these works. And now there are a few tips that I have compiled from the common opinions of the experts;

Have regular breakfast; Experts are of the opinion that the metabolism begins to work immediately after breakfast, and regular breakfast accelerates this process. So we start the day with a healthy and understated breakfast.

Water Consumption; 2 to 3 liters per day. water consumption is a must, this is an indisputable fact now. :)

Watch out for loopholes; When we say hazelnuts, peanuts, seeds, cakes, biscuits and delicatessen products, we pay attention to snacks that are small in size and large in calories.
The innocence of bread; The bread that has been on the dock for many years is now innocent. Of course, provided that it is brown bread :) Brown bread is a golden food that will give you a feeling of satiety and support your metabolism to work faster with the fibers it contains.

And of course, sports… The best friend of metabolism is undoubtedly sports. Every year, diet fashion changes, but the necessity of sports remains the common denominator of all experts. Sometimes it is the essence of the business philosophy to support the diet with short walks, sometimes gyms or activities in the open spaces we find. He emphasizes that sports should always be at the center of our lives, not only for losing weight but also for a healthy life;
I wish you a happy and healthy summer where you will collect warm memories. :)


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