Colorful cookies, concept cakes and cup cakes that you can't stop to cut and eat... I had the opportunity to see and taste these flavors closely, first with their smell and then with their appearance, and I wanted to share them right away. In one word delicious ☺

This exquisite creation has two beautiful and talented creators, Meltem Batı and Ayşegül Araıcı. Like its taste, its name is Nefiss.. They are as brave as they are talented.. Because I think it is an achievement in itself to be able to stand out among the personalized cakes, cookies, cup cakes and other details designed for special occasions, which have tended to become almost "industrialized" lately. When you look at the products, we come across a wide range of cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Garfield, Hello Kitty, Pepe, SpongeBob , Galata Tower, Make-up products, concept cakes and cookies prepared for corporate meetings .

delicious; He thinks of everything for you for your special days. Just talk about your dreams and leave the rest to them. They touch your life on many special occasions, from birthdays to baby shower parties, from valentine's day and wedding anniversary to tooth wheat. If you want to prepare surprises for your loved ones or to give your guests delicious tastes and unforgettable memories on your special days, you should check out the internet sites.

Have a nice day with you ☺

Erdem ERSÖZ July 26, 2014 1 tags (show)

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