Although the weather conditions do not allow us to enter the summer, the calendars show June like misss. Seasonal transitions are already painful, and on top of that, when we say imbalance in the air, we are faced with the syndrome of being stuck together. But the existence we call women is based on the calendars and the diet season opens...:) If you eat this, which we are used to seeing at the beginning of every summer, it burns fat, you have to drink at least 2 glasses of it a day, a lot of talk like this cure is a cure for all problems, urban legends also this year. it has already started to take its place among the people… In fact, there is a serious awareness on this issue compared to previous years. Expert opinions should be our reference in these works. And now there are a few tips that I have compiled from the common opinions of the experts;

Have regular breakfast; Experts are of the opinion that the metabolism begins to work immediately after breakfast, and regular breakfast accelerates this process. So we start the day with a healthy and understated breakfast.

Water Consumption; 2 to 3 liters per day. water consumption is a must, this is an indisputable fact now. :)

Watch out for loopholes; When we say hazelnuts, peanuts, seeds, cakes, biscuits and delicatessen products, we pay attention to snacks that are small in size and large in calories.
The innocence of bread; The bread that has been on the dock for many years is now innocent. Of course, provided that it is brown bread :) Brown bread is a golden food that will give you a feeling of satiety and support your metabolism to work faster with the fibers it contains.

And of course, sports… The best friend of metabolism is undoubtedly sports. Every year, diet fashion changes, but the necessity of sports remains the common denominator of all experts. Sometimes it is the essence of the business philosophy to support the diet with short walks, sometimes gyms or activities in the open spaces we find. He emphasizes that sports should always be at the center of our lives, not only for losing weight but also for a healthy life;
I wish you a happy and healthy summer where you will collect warm memories. :)


Erdem ERSÖZ September 19, 2013 1 tags (show)

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