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Hello again after a long hiatus.

The 11th month of the year has arrived, it is already ending… I am sure that the day you enter the new year is as fresh as yesterday in the minds of many of you. November, with its arrival, actually started to give signs that the winter season would be quite tough. It is our duty to take these signs and make our preparations. :)

No matter how hard the winter is, the idea of ​​sacrificing fashion and aesthetics is unthinkable, especially for women. We women somehow match that sweater to those pants, that coat to that boot, and maintain our style. :) Especially at a time when fashion programs are so prominent and it is so easy to reach different fashion trends, fashionistas and styles on the internet … That's why, like all of you, I look at many products on social media and find remarkable " stylish " products. and I share with you the sites where these products are presented. I would like to put special emphasis on the aforementioned definition of " stylist ". Because I am one of those who argue that it is very important to distinguish the products that really shine and stand out among this abundance of products and websites. From this point of view, I would like to talk about the rain boots of the brand wahshe design styles , whose products I mentioned before, which were released under the label of wahshe shoes. As you know, these rain boots have recently become one of the products of almost every season. The variety of colors and patterns in these boots, where we can make very stylish and stylish combinations with dresses, opaque socks, shorts, is one of the elements that increase the appeal of the work :)

Who would have thought that fishing boots, which are in our memory with their yellow color, would be so fashionable... However, when combined with the imagination and aesthetic sense of the designers, they take a completely different dimension and sit at the top of the list of choices. Being comfortable and practical is probably the most attractive part of the job. Moreover, it will never go out of fashion, it will remain the most trendy part of your wardrobe throughout the seasons ;)

If you haven't got it yet, definitely get one that is most comfortable. I strongly recommend you to review these rain boots, which are on the market with the WAHSHE label. I've already placed my order...

Happy days…


Erdem ERSÖZ November 17, 2016 4 tags (show)

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